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Secret Scratch Card Letter That Produces INSANE Responses from UK Businesses

Dear Marketer,

I know most marketing letters out there aren’t what they claim to be, but this one is different. I’m letting you in on the one thing that has made all the difference in my business – my scratch card letter.

I got tired of using the same tactics and wanted to break free from the competition.

The day I stopped marketing like every other PPC company and created a new strategy by executing my precision targeting with direct mail, I acquired my greatest profits, and I want to help you become just as successful.

The scratch card method has been far more effective for me than any other marketing vehicle. It beat cold calling, social media, SEO, PPC, and Facebook. Your prospects will be delighted at the idea of winning something from you, and much more likely to convert when they realize they don’t have to do anything but cash in the scratch card. It rewards your potential customers far better than any other marketing method.

What does it take? It’s simple.

It’s only a one page letter, which will cost you just pennies to print at home. I’m giving it to you for just £500, and you can use it over, and over again for 6 months. It will pay for itself with just one successful client.

With it, I’ll also give you a FREE 20 minute consultation, so we can determine how you can use my scratch card letter to maximise your profits.

But here’s the catch – this offer is only available for a limited time and you’re one of thousands to receive this message.

Only the first 10 to take advantage of this amazing offer will be able to watch their profits soar. Why? I want to ensure the technique doesn’t saturate the market, so there remains plenty of profit for everyone.

But wait –

When you order my scratch card letter right now, I’ll also give you not one, but two special bonuses. You’ll also get my highly successful custom Adwords campaign email I’ve been sending to existing Adwords customers, analysing their campaigns. And, you’ll get my special LinkedIn strategy that has given me leverage over my competition. I’ve used this strategy to form joint ventures with companies who have hundreds of clients that I want to work with.

These special bonuses alone have made me over £77,000 over the years… and I have no doubt that they’ll work for you, too.

What are you waiting for? Stop working harder, and start working smarter.

Remember, this limited time offer is only available to the first 10. Act now!

Best Wishes,

Paul Smith